Corona Virus Resumption of Service

The Sawyer County Department of Health came out with a travel advisory March 22. 2020 recommending no travel into or out of Sawyer County  The State issued a revised advisory April 16 that still encourages staying in place and only essential travel. We feel a need to provide this essential service as we slowly return to normal .

NWT Express Shuttle will resume our scheduled service and start taking reservations Tuesday April 21st. . If you are seeking to make a reservation you can make an online reservation below or call our office at 715-634-5307.  Our hours are M-F 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. All our drivers will be wearing masks and gloves. Because of the six foot rule we ask you to wear your masks while in the vehicle.…     

WARNING! Our online reservation service sometimes takes 8-16 hours to reach us.   If you are traveling within the next 48 hours (72 hours on weekends and holidays), please call 715-634-5307 and book directly with our reservationist or if the auto attendant answers press 7 to talk to our after hours staff.   If you are submitting this after-hours or on a weekend for ravel more than 72 hours in the future, we will contact you with a confirmation and information on payment options the next business day. If you do not hear from us the next business day please call us because some reservation submissions are not getting to us.  We take reservations Monday – Friday 8:30AM Central time to 4:30PM except for holidays. If this is an emergency, call our office number 715-634-5307 and press 7 (seven) to reach our after hours emergency number. Please review your reservation for accuracy before submitting.  

Due to low ridership because of the State imposed travel restrictions, we are implementing the following:

Effective for new bookings for single travel until further notice.  Note: This does not apply to parties of two or more or charters

          Single riders choosing midday departures to or from the airport will be subject to a $70 surcharge payable the last business day before your scheduled travel unless another person books the same trip.  No surcharge will apply if rider switches to the regularly scheduled morning Northern Wisconsin departure to the airport or evening departure times from the airport..

–          If there are no riders to share the trip with you and you selected a mid-day departure time at time of booking, you will be contacted 24 hours in advance of your departure to give you the option riding at your scheduled time and paying the $70.00 surcharge, or switch your departure from NW Wisconsin on our early van or your return to NW Wisconsin on our late van at no additional cost.