Effective for bookings made for future travel:

Effective December 1 2020,  NWT Express Shuttle suspended operations due to Covid 19 impacting our business.  Effective April 15th 2021, NWC a partnership of former drivers  will continue to offer the opportunity to ride with our experienced drivers.   NWC will continue to use the pricing structure located on the website to provide future service to all customers. 

Effective immediately there will be a $5.00 fuel surcharge per person for each leg of a booking.

In addition to using this reservation form, If you have questions about an existing reservation or wish to make a new reservation  call NWC at 715-634-5307 or email us at nwcjb@yahoo.com.

 NWT Express Shuttle wishes everyone a sincere thank you for your business over the past 25 years and stay safe.

If you are seeking to make a reservation you can make an online reservation below or call our office at 715-634-5307.  Our hours are M-F 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. All our drivers will be wearing masks and gloves. Because of the six foot rule we ask you to wear your masks while in the vehicle.