Reservation Policy

Reservations are required

To avoid a late booking fee, purchase your trip at least 2 business day in advance of your travel date.

Late Booking Fee

There will be a late booking fee for any booking made within 2 business days. The late booking fee will be $30 if we already have passengers scheduled on the trip requested, and $200 if we have already cancelled that run for lack of riders and it is conditional upon finding a driver.

Payment Policy

Payment is required when making a reservation. If booked online, you will receive a confirmation email including a link to make a credit card payment. Online payment should be made upon receipt of the confirmation. If you prefer to pay by check or cash or call in a credit card number to the office, please call the office within one business day with your credit card number or tell us how you plan to pay. If mailing a check, checks must be received in our office within three days of the booking and at least 5 days before travel.

Forms of Payment

Cash, Debit cards, Checks, personal checks, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover cards are accepted.

Last Minute Bookings

Last minute bookings to be paid in cash must be guaranteed with a credit card that will only be charged in case of a no-show or cancellation.  There will be a late booking fee.

Cancellation Policy

Scheduled Van Cancellations and refunds  PLEASE READ NEW CANCEL POLICY





Once the trip is paid for there are no refunds if you no show or miss your van. If you have to change or cancel your trip, you must cancel your reservation at least one business day before your scheduled travel date and the amount paid will stay on account as a van credit for future travel. There will be a $25 re booking fee when that credit is used.  If you desire a refund, we charge a  $50.00  cancellation fee or 25% of the booking whichever is greater plus any out of pocket expenses.

 If a portion of a round trip fare is cancelled, you will receive travel credits equal to the difference between the fare used (one way fare) and the amount paid. When the travel credit is used there will be a $25 re booking fee charged at that time.

Advance Purchase Cancellation

There are no refunds for no shows or missing your van. Changes made at least 14 days prior to departure will cost $25 and within 14 days will cost $50 per change.  If you desire a refund, we charge a  $75.00  cancellation fee or 25% of the booking whichever is greater plus any out of pocket expenses.

Charter Cancellation

For any cancelled Charter reservations that was paid in full, you must cancel a minimum of one business day (24 hours) in advance of the scheduled service date. The fee for cancelling the reservation will be 25% of the total amount or $50, whichever is greater.

For Charter reservations using a 3rd party vehicle (motor coach company), the cancellation charges of the motor coach company will apply, and we will charge an additional 10% of the total booking amount.

Re booking Fee

When a cancellation results in a travel credit, there will be a $25 re booking fee when the travel credit is used.

What If My Flight Is Cancelled or Late?

If your airline cancels or changes your flight within one business day and you notify us before the driver has departed Hayward to pick you up, we will charge you a $25 re booking fee to put you on the next scheduled van.  If you flight is delayed and you authorize us to wait and assuming other passengers are willing to wait, we will charge you wait time at the rate of $20 first half hour and $9 each additional fifteen minute segment.  If you authorize us to send a charter van to pick you up we will require payment of the full amount of the charter to dispatch a van to pick you up.

If you fail to contact us before the driver has departed for the airport, we have fulfilled our part of the agreement and the money you paid will compensates us for trying to pick you up.  You will be charged all applicable fees for additional services.

Change Policy

We understand that circumstances can arise which may change your travel plans. We will gladly make a change in your reservation if contacted a minimum of one business day prior to your scheduled pick up time. We will charge you $25 for the re booking.


All times listed are based upon actual time measured under normal driving conditions and average number of passengers and average route driven.   There are times where we will be delayed (traffic, weather, passenger late etc) and we try to keep you informed of the delay.  This happens when we are running fifteen minutes or more late.  We make every attempt to get you to your destination on time and in a safe manner.  Because we offer a higher level of personal service like custom drop off and pick up, you may find us delayed in getting you  to your destination.  We ask for your understanding when this happens.


Because of reduced ridership during major holidays, we require a minimum of two passengers to operate. If you are traveling alone, we will try to find another person to share the ride with you. We will charge you initially for the one seat and if we cannot find someone to purchase the other seat we will charge you $70.00 the business day preceding your travel date.


Your driver is committed to providing you a safe, comfortable trip. If you appreciate the service provided by the driver, a tip is recommended. You can use the same tipping guidelines as in a restaurant.