Home & Hotel Pickup

We offer home, office, hotel and motel pickup and drop off for our Hayward customers and in the Twin Cities if our schedule permits. The fee starts at $10 and is based upon mileage. Schedule permitting, customers within two miles of our routes can also be picked up or dropped off for an additional fee. Contact us at (715) 638-0431 or by e-mail at nwcjb@yahoo.com for a quote.

Airline Baggage Delivery

We work closely with all airlines to deliver baggage to their customers. We offer competitive rates and will deliver to one of our scheduled stops or to the customer’s door. Call us at(715) 638-0431 or e-mail us at nwcjb@yahoo.com for more information or to make arrangements.

Package Delivery

We pick up and deliver items of all sizes (weight restricted to 50 lbs.). Time permitting, we can pick up and deliver door to door. The most economical service is between the airport and any of our scheduled stops for only $50 for the first package. Please call(715) 638-0431 or e-mail us at nwcjb@yahoo.com for a quote.