We are available 24 hours a day for custom van transportation. We can provide transportation from your home or office to airports, events, meetings, etc. We are also available for parties and touring the Hayward area. Rates are dependent upon mileage and duration of the service. Call for a price quote.
We require full payment for Charters made within 30 days of scheduled service. For Charter reservations outside of 30 days we require a minimum of a $100 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable, but will be applied to the total amount due at time of final payment which is due 14 days prior to the date of service.

Charter Cancellation Policy
For any Charter reservations paid in full, cancellations must be made a minimum of one business day (24 hours) in advance of the scheduled service date. The fee for cancelling the reservation will be 26% of the total amount or fifty dollars whichever is greater.

For Charter reservations using a 3rd party vehicle (motor coach company), the cancellation charges of the motor coach company will apply, and we will charge 10% of the total booking amount or fifty dollars whichever is greater in addition.

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