Pickup Location at MSP International Airport

We are located in the Transit Center located on the ground level of the Silver Ramp. Pick up your luggage at the baggage claim area on ground level or if you have carry on luggage proceed to the baggage claim area.  From Baggage Claim Level use escalator or elevator between Carousels 7 and 9 to go down to Level T which is located under the baggage claim roadway.  Walk across this large room past the Delta check in Counters on your right.  At the end of the check in counters, look for signs to the tram / Transit Center. Take the tram and at the end get off and take the escalator up to the Transit Center waiting room.  When your pickup time is approaching, you will find us on the West end of the Transit Center (this is to your right as facing the glass wall). There should be a sign above the doors saying  Off Airport Parking – Shuttles – Out State Vehicles directing you towards the door we pick you up.  Once outside, look for our vehicle.  We try to arrive five minutes before departure to load passengers.   The driver is not be allowed to leave the vehicle due to security rules at the airport.

Terminal 2 (Formerly Hubert Humphrey Terminal)
If you are arriving at Terminal 2, please retrieve your bags from baggage claim. Then proceed to the Commercial Vehicle pick up area which is across the roadway on the ground level of the Purple parking ramp. Once inside, look for a hallway that goes to the right that is the access for the Taxi pickup and go beyond the taxi area to our staging area with hotel shuttles at the end of the hall.  Our vehicle is required to park outside the end of the hallway.  You must go outside and look for our vehicle. The driver will not be allowed to leave the vehicle due to security rules at the airport.

If you arrive before your scheduled time:
Often we can depart early. Call (877) 698-3977 upon arrival to see if we can move up the departure time. Follow the voice prompts — press 4 for the early van driver or 5 for the late van driver.

Airport Departures

We take passengers to either Terminal 1 or 2. In addition, we can take passengers who are meeting someone to the Super America Service Station on Post Road.


We can drop people off at a hotel or business or residence if our schedule permits.   The fee is based upon mileage from the airport and availability.  Call for a quote.

If Your Flight Is Late

It is the customer’s responsibility to contact NWT Express Shuttle if he/she is delayed. If your flight is delayed before taking off please call us at (877) 698-3977 and follow the voice prompts to talk with your driver or the after hours emergency number. Let us know how long your delay is expected to be. If we have already dispatched the vehicle, you will incur additional charges based upon the additional waiting time or if we have to accommodate you on another vehicle. If your flight arrives at the airport and you anticipate a delay in getting your luggage, you should contact the NWT van driver at (877) 698-3977 and request that he/she wait for you. NWT van passengers expect us to be on schedule, and so the drivers are authorized to wait only 15 minutes before starting the return. If you do not make it to your scheduled van, or you are aware that the flight you are on is going to miss your van departure, call the (877 698-3977) to talk to the person in the office or if after hours listen to the voice prompts to talk with your driver or press 7 to talk with the emergency after hours person to review your options. If it is possible to hold the van and the other passengers are willing to wait, we will charge you $20.00 for the first half hour and $8.00 for every 15 additional minutes of wait time beyond our scheduled departure time.

If there are riders also booked on your scheduled van and they are unwilling to wait we will have to depart on schedule. You have the option to ride our next scheduled van and you will be charged the $25 change fee, or you can also request a charter where we will dispatch a vehicle to pick you up at our standard charter rate starting at $360. We will provide a receipt for these extra charges so you can seek reimbursement from the airline or your insurance company. It is the passenger’s responsibility to be at the pickup location on time.